Ikea pendant

Materials: Ikea shade and light kit

Description: $5.00 pendant

And finally one more $5.00 light fixture…which is the pendant lights you see above in the last pic reveal. These are very easy to make. All you need is a shade and some mardi gras or Christmas beads.

In my case I picked a black shade that I bought from Ikea for $4.00 and silver Xmas beads from the Dollar Tree.

To connect the beads to the shade you can hot glue them around the edges of the shade. Or use some thin wire (what you would use to tie plants or make jewelry with). This is what I used.

OK the inside of the shade has a wire built into it (which is used to hold the light fixture. Tie the wire around them which will look like a funky circle. Once you have it tied just drape the beads from it.

On my pendant fixture I hung the Ikea shade upside down. The wire on the inside of the shade hung the closest to the ground.

Now the light kit itself usually cost about $3 bucks or so, but I had several around the house that I used. Also if you don’t have an Ikea near you I’m sure I’ve seen some in a local home improvement store.

See more of the $5.00 pendant.

~ AprilDenise, TN

Jules Yap