Malm Dresser Up-Do

Materials: Malm 6 Drawer Dresser, chair rail molding, drawer handles, claw feet,

Description: I started with a black/brown Malm 6 drawer dresser.

Knowing I wanted to lift it off the ground with these claw feet, I needed to re-enforce the structure so the particle board wouldn’t shatter. Using 2″ x 2″ “furring strips” from home depot. I made a frame out of the furring strips that I screwed into the inside lining of the bottom of the dresser.

Next, lift the dresser and put the feet under it. Line up the feet, and drive 3″ construction screws through the furring strip frame and down into the feet.

Next, screw a 1″ thick, 3″ wide strip of wood to the front of the dresser just below the bottom drawer- this way you’ll have a flat front to the dresser.

Using chair rail molding, make frames for the drawers, I just used a miter box to make the 45 degree cuts.

Sand, Prime, and Paint the dresser. Then glue or screw on the molding frames you made to the front of the drawers. Add drawer pulls/handles if you like!

~ Alex P, Atlanta, Ga

Jules Yap