Slick modern Ikea look becomes country cottage coziness

Cupboard+makeover+after2 718323
Cupboard%2Bmakeover%2Bafter2 718323

Materials: Bonde cupboard

Description: An old dated Bonde cupboard (at least I think it was a Bonde cupboard) was updated by cutting out panels from the doors and covering the panels with chicken wire and fabric. This turned the modern yet outdated Ikea cupboard into a country cottage gem.

Cupboard%2Bmakeover%2Bbefore2 716545
Cupboard%2Bmakeover%2Bafter 719602
Cupboard%2Bmakeover%2Bdetail%2Bchicken%2Bwire 720992

See full tutorial of Marianne’s Bonde country cupboard.

~ Marianne@Songbird, Netherlands

Jules Yap