When Chanel met IKEA – fall fur accessories

Materials: OLEBY or RENS rug, FRAKTA, metal chain, buckle

Description: I made a Chanel inspired fur bag and boot covers from Rens and Oleby
IKEA rugs and Frakta bags. Cheers to style and warmth this fall!


1. Cut out one large rectangle from an OLEBY or RENS rug that is approximately 12” x 16.”
2. Cut out two rectangles from two sides of the FRAKTA bag that are the same size as the bag exterior, approximately 12” x 16.” Use scissors to remove the long handles from the bag. Keep the short handles in place.
3. From the excess FRAKTA, cut two small rectangles, approximately 4.5” x 5.5.”
4. Using a straight stitch, hand or machine sew the two small rectangles to one or both facets of what you designate as the inside of the FRAKTA lining. (These are your pockets for your phone + wallet + gum!)
5. Pin together the edges of the two large FRAKTA rectangles with interior sides facing each other. Hand or machine sew the sides and bottom of the rectangles together, using a straight stitch, leaving a .25” seam.


  1. Cut a metal chain 36-40” in length, depending on your personal preference. You can find chains at craft or sewing supply stores. If you donʼt have metal cutting capacity, then you can ask the store personnel to pre-cut the chain for you.
  2. From the excess FRAKTA, cut one long strip that is .75” wide and 8” longer in length than the chain. Cut two more strips that are .75” wide and 2.5” long. Place these shorter strips aside.
  3. Attach a safety pin to one end of the long FRAKTA strip. This will help you as you weave the strip through the chain. Once you have finished weaving, leave at least 2.5” excess fabric on both sides of the chain.
  4. Take these tail ends of your strip and hand or machine sew a loop that attaches the chain to one end of the buckle. Do this for both sides of the chain.
  5. Take your two small FRAKTA strips and sew a tight loop that attaches them to the other ends of the buckles. Leave a tail of at least 1-1.5” on each side of the FRAKTA strip. Now hand or machine sew these two tails onto the inside of the FRAKTA bag lining.


  1. Fold and pin the fur rectangle in half, with exterior furry sides facing towards each other.
  2. Using a glover needle or another type of needle suitable for sewing leather, hand sew together the two side edges of the fur rectangles. Use a straight or blanket stitch.
  3. Align and pin the FRAKTA lining to one side of the fur exterior.
  4. Use a blind stitch to hand sew the sides and one side of the top edge of the FRAKTA lining to one facet of the fur.
  5. Turn the fur piece right-side out. (Youʼre almost there!)
  6. Use a blind stitch to hand sew the other top edge of the lining to the fur exterior.
  7. Click in the chain.


~ Adriana

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