Besta hack

Materials: Besta

Description: It’s a simple Besta living with some little improvements.

My wife and I wanted a furniture with a simple and clean design where we put a flat TV, a Wii and a PS2 console with all their games and accessories (Wii Balance board, controller), a DVD reader (with our DVD collection) and an Hi-Fi: the project was aimed at creating a piece of furniture with these quality.

We bought 6 shelf unit 40×38 cm and 2 shelf unit 40x64cm and we hung them up the wall with plugs, by forming the design you see in the photo.

Because we hate dangling cables, we drilled some hole in the back of the bookshelf to allow cables passages: this solution achieved a clean design without cables in sight.

Moreover, we created a couple of drawers to place the DVD, games and console accessories. Because the drawer front is sold only in 16x69cm dimension, we bought two standard 60x38cm doors and we engraved the inner side using a milling cutter.

~ Gabriele, Rome, IT