Love Notes XOXO Chalkboard Cookbook Cabinet Organizer

Materials: Ikea Grevback shoe shelf, chalkboard spraypaint, heart knobs, rhinestone letters

Description: The Grevback shoe holder from Ikea was nice, but I have way more shoes than this cabinet can hold. I decided to make a cookbook holder instead for the kitchen, modeled after this $124.77 one I saw on a different website.

I paid $80 for the Grevback, less than $5 dollars for the paint, about $20 for the letters, and $1 each for the knobs (so $6).

First I taped the doors and used chalkboard spraypaint on the inside center. I did about 5 or 6 layers over the course of a few days, giving it ample time to dry in between coats. Then I put together the cabinet and used heart shaped knobs instead as a decorative accent that I found online. The final touch was adding the rhinestone letters using contact cement.

The cabinet I made says “LOVE NOTES XOXO” but you can add whatever you want to customize it for yourself.

Finally, write a cute message on the chalkboard, and viola! Beautiful chalkboard cabinet for less than the used original one I had found online.

~ Christin Franco, Chandler, AZ