Multiple Rast Trofast substitute

Materials: Seven Rast bedside tabels, wood panels, glue, screws, drill, wood dowels, paint. Optional: Trofast boxes, Mackis drawers.

Description: With our two young kids, we needed storage for toys, books and art supplies. I wanted to match a high and narrow built-in bookcase on the opposite wall. Unfortunately the size of the Trofast cabinet wasn’t ideal, and I though it a bit too expensive. So I used five Rast bedtables to make a high and slim floating bookcase where the old mantelpiece used to be.

I attached the five Rast bedtables to each other with wood dowels and glue, then glued and screwed them to a wood panel on the back – since the wall was bent. Hung the whole thing on the wall with several screws and plugs. After some time I added a second smaller cabinet made from two Rast bedtables for extra storage.

The size is perfect for Trofast boxes, and the floating setup makes it light and airy, and easy to clean underneath. Only downside: the Rast tables are not high enough inside to accommodate our collection of foto albums, at least not upright.

(Note: The wall shelves are Fabian shelves, placed in a rhythmic pattern.)

~ G.V.M., The Netherlands

Jules Yap