PAXadies hamstercage

Materials: Pax wardrobe and doors, tons of screws, plexiglass

Description: As I have always been into little furry things, I wanted to give something back to my syrians. We decided, absolutely unselfish, to recreate the bedroom, so the wardrobe could be turned into a “cage”.

In Germany, you often stumble across modified pax-wardrobes for hamsters, rats, cats, ferrets and lord knows what else, so I just couldn’t help doing it… Or my father.

My father took the Pax and laid it down, cut out the inner parts of the doors an replaced it with plexiglass so we could watch the little rodents. He also added some kind of chicken wire on the short sides of the lower part as this was the only way to get some ventilation in there.

The floor for the upper part is made from one of the side parts, so we didn’t have to buy a new board and left this part open for better ventilations.

Finally, the whole thing was called “Paxadies” and two hamsters moved into their new 200x55x50cm (~6.5×1.8×1.6 ft)home.

(And yes, my entire flat is furnished with Ikea-things. The hamster-home is placed on 3 little Lack-tables, which are now hidden behind some anno stra curtains, lit by orgel vreten and so on… 🙂 )

~ Vyerny, Germany