Snow fun?

Materials: Ikea big blue bag

Description: So, it started snowing. And it didn’t stop. The schools are closed, the roads are closed. Still, we can play in the snow yeah? um well no actually the girl’s waterproofs are em, yep at school.

As the snow is now 2′ deep this posed a problem. Until with a flash of genius, scissors, duck tape and two Ikea big blue bags………. ta daa.

Waterproof dungarees that kept her dry all day in the snow. Disturbingly they performed better than the bought ones her sister was wearing.

Two bags = 4 trouser pieces, belt loops, belt and shoulder straps. Double taped inside and out at the seams.

They are holding up just fine too. Just as well really, day three in the snowy wilderness…

~ Ingenius, 223

Jules Yap