Trofast Under The Table Drawer

Materials: Trofast storage box

Description: We needed storage for our Ikea Vika Amon desk and Svanbo coffee table (to hide the many controllers we have!).

We already had the Trofast storage unit so we went out and brought 2 more little white storage boxes.

The hack is pretty simple and quick. We took out the white rails from the storage unit and put some 3M double sided tape on the TOP side of the rail.

We flipped the coffee table over. Then with the box and rails “assembled” (do this so you don’t even need to do any measuring for a perfect fit), we positioned it in place and voila!…an easy pull-out drawer to keep your surfaces clutter free.

**Note that the pine storage unit has grooves instead of the detachable rails
**Also, you could use rails from the pax storage systems (which I think you can buy separately)

~ Kim and Billy, Vancouver, Canada