Billy Built-in with a top

Materials: Half Height Billy Bookcases

Description: I love built-ins, I can’t afford built-ins so I made my own out of 5 Billy bookcases.
Step 1) Assemble bookcases! Easier said then done.
Step 2) Screw bookcases together, pulling the middle section out 3-4 inches. Creating some interest!

Step 3) Cut MDF into three sections, glue and nail to top
Step 4) Attach chair rail or crown molding to the face (a chair rail is much easier to work with than crown)

Step 5) Fill seams and gaps. Once dry sand
Step 6) Paint, we chose Martha Stewart’s Talc color to match the white Billy bookcases, not an exact match but pretty darn close.

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~ Ashli c/o Maillardville Manor, Vancouver, BC

Jules Yap