BILLY made into a silent and neat server case

BILLY bookcase, MOREBO glas doors, chipboard, metal bars, computer components and other stuff

Description: My husband is an electronic engineer and consequently we have a lot of computers in our house. As long as they are quiet and don’t show much, I don’t mind. In our last apartment he managed to modify a Billy bookcase into a silent and neat server case! It was so clever, that now when we don’t need it anymore, he was able to reverse it into a book case again.

First he made a copy of the bottom piece of the Billy bookcase, so he wouldn’t wreck it. Then he built a chassis for the components out of chipboard and metal bars and mounted it on the new bottom piece. He made sure that there was a hole in the bottom where cool air could enter into a padded (sound muffling) space, then move through fans and exit on the top of the chassis.

The chassis got padded doors on hinges to allow easy access for maintenance. The back of the bookcase had to be partly removed to make room for cords.

The server only took about 40 cm of height in the Billy bookcase, so he put shelves on top of the server where he could store all his other electronics stuff. 

Then we bought MOREBO glass doors and arrayed them with fabrics matching our living room.

The server case was almost completely silent, and very discrete. Makes wife happy! 

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~ Sofia, Sweden