Camera flash soft box

Materials: Ikea Komplement collapsable fabrix box

This is a small softbox i made using a fold-able ‘Komplement’ box from Ikea. The box comes in various sizes. The one i used is about 20x20cm in size. (I cannot find the box in the webshop, but Kompement is a storage series, and this box is normally used for organizing socks and underwear)

I simply cut a hole in the side, the size of the flash – leaving ‘flaps’ to support the flash. Using a cord on the flash, you can place the flash and box close to the subject. The flash lights up the cream-white box and creates a warm and soft light useable for portrait- and macro-shots.

When not used, you open the zipper in the botton of the box, and it collapses flat, to fit in your camera bag.

See more of the flash soft box.

~ Thomas, Denmark