Child-proof vice versa

Materials: cavity anchor, screw

Description: It is a solution for a most common problem if you have to re-equip your furniture in order to make it child-proof.

IKEA offers the PATRULL drawer/cabinet catch, which will, in their words, “Reduce[] the risk of the child reaching improper contents in drawers/cabinets.” As for that, the tiny plastic catch serves its purpose well. Unfortunately, at the same time it increases the risk of the child jamming its fingers because it only prevents a drawer from being opened for more than 4 or 5 centimeters, bot not from being closed again.

So I decided to enhance the mechanism by using a special kind of cavity anchor in addition to the PATRULL catch. I cut off one of the anchor’s two blades and screwed it in right above the catch. The effect is, now when you try to open the drawer it will be stuck in both directions. You choose either to open it further by pressing in the catch or to close it entirely by pressing in the remaining blade of the anchor. That’s it.

~ Marcus Wilhelm, Kassel, Germany