Coat Hanger Shelf Luxury Version

Materials: 2 Grundtal Haklei (60176925), Lansa handles 25cm (60138759), Galant board (60080541), 2 metal brackets, 2 screws

Description: A small hack inspired by the “Coat Hanger Shelf” posted some weeks ago plus a walk through IKEA.

The GALANT board was cut from 40×80 to 34×80. Grundtal Haklei is attached on the right and left side. Here you need 2 screws that are a bit longer than the original ones in order to attach them to the board. At the front you can see the LANSA handles for the coat hangers. Everything else is pretty easy: After attaching everything to the board, mount it on the wall using two or more metal brackets.

See more of Martin’s coat hanger shelf.

~ Martin, Brunswick, Germany