Gorm (almost) cabinet

Materials: Gorm shelf; Vitaminer Rand fabric; Behandla paint; some plywood (not Ikea)

Description: My son (9 months old) loves to open and close doors.

I put in his room an old, little ( 61 cm) Gorm shelf, with two shelves, painted in red (Behandla paint, of course!): but shelves don’t have doors!

So I found in my lab a couple of pieces of plywood 3 millimeters thick, and I cut out a back panel, which I nailed to the shelves’ back side.

I cut out two plywood panels, 15 mm thick, and hinged them to the front legs of the shelf.

Last, I painted everything with red Behandla.

My wife cut out two pieces from a Vitaminer Rand fabric, hemmed them and then I nailed them on the two sides of the “cabinet”.

~ Marcello Racchini, Lissone (MB), Italy

Jules Yap