Husar Re-Envisioned Into Recycling Center

Materials: Husar Shelving

I changed my knotty pine Husar drawer and shelf unit into a stylish recycling center with some thin lattice wood strips and stain.

the original Husar

The biggest impact comes from the addition of the lattice wood, which is cheap and easy to use! I love the difference it makes! This stuff is easy to cut and just needs a little glue or small brad nails to attach.

I built a new top out of pine lumber (beveled the edge on my table saw) and added a footer cut out of a 1×4 with a jigsaw and screwed on from below.

Finally, I built new doors, even though Husar units can with optional doors, I didn’t have any.

Attached the doors to the bottom with hinges, added funky antique hardware pulls and hinge supports.

More storage, more recycling, more style… LOVE.

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~ Christin@Pregnant with power tools