LACK side table to shelf hack

Materials: 4 LACK side tables, a broomstick

Description: During remodelling I was in need of a shelf to be placed beside my bed. It should hold my alarm clock, the entertainment center and some other stuff.

Not finding anthing I like and not wanting to spend money into something I dislike I almost left IKEA empty handed.

Almost leaving, but then found a special offer of LACK: 1,99 Euros (about $ 2,60) a item. The hidden price to pay was to become used to the ugly light blue color.

So this really simple hack is made of 4 LACK side tables with three legs attched. I used MS Polymer to glue the table legs on the desk top.

Not shown is a vertical attached broomstick that is screwed to the table tops at the far end side. The broomstick is strapped to a hook in the wall.

The result does not look too ugly and is even cheaper than Hyllis (4 LACK: 7,96 Euro, 1 Hyllis: 7,99 Euro).

~ Holger, Germany

Jules Yap