Mirror, Mirror….

Materials: Ikea Lack Coffee Table, Mirrors, Measuring Tape, Permanant Mirror Glue

Description: Here is a picture of my Ikea Lack coffee table. The color palette in my loft is black, grey and white since I have concrete floors and ceilings. I really wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank and would catch people’s eyes when they walked in the door. The mirrors were a perfect solution.

The table at Ikea was $39 and I bought the beveled mirrors at Hobby Lobby on sale for $3 each. I first laid all the mirrors on the table top to measure their position and then I used a $4 tube of mirror glue to adhere them down. Make sure you use a permanent glue that is mirror friendly because some can eat away the back of mirrors over time.

See more of the Lack mirror table.

~ Shaunie

Jules Yap