New year, new look!

Today, I am rather ambitious. First off on my to-do list would be to change the IKEA Hackers template and also get the Hack of the Year 2010 post done.

No allen key required #3
By Brett Jordan

A new template has been a long time coming and I finally settled on how I want the site to look, at least for 2011. I’ve heard lots of comments and feedback for you and will strive to incorporate some of them. It still will be a clean, simple site without any fancy schmancy. Why? I like simplicity and I think that works best.

But first off, I want to announce that Ikeahackers has its little domain now. The more astute among you may have noticed. I’ve finally moved it from to IKEA I like the ‘s’ in hackers because this site wouldn’t be where it is today, if not for all your contributions. I also couldn’t get the more common, as it was already taken. So IKEA it is. I would love it if you do me this favor: if you have a blog/site which links to, I would be so grateful if you could change the link to the new URL. A domain name change loses mega doses of link love and I am hoping to salvage whatever I can. So, please. And thank you.

While I get the new template and the post underway, the site may look wonky. Do bear with me. I hope to get this done in a day, without shutting it down and annoying you with an “Under Construction. Please come back later” page.

Stay tuned.