RATIONELL Retrofit into an old kitchen

Materials: Rationell drawers, laser level, drill, existing kitchen cabinet doors

Description: I installed 3 drawers with standard NEXUS fronts/covers in my existing kitchen cabinets; then I decided I could use all my existing (hardwood) doors so I drilled holes to attach Rationell drawers and metal bar.

If you plan on using IKEA FRONTS (nexus)

1. Measure your cabinet width, mine was 8 mm wider than Ikea standard so I had to…

2. Attach two widener boards (4mm wide each) on each side of each rail to adjust for width. Be super-careful so that everything is level and exactly aligned. Even a few millimeters of unleveled rail offset will make drawers not slide well.

If you want to reuse your own fronts, in addition to the above:

1. For double doors, stick them together with metal clips drilled along both doors. Skip this step for single doors.

2. Take an Ikea drawer front and measure where all the holes go, replicate on doors being super careful not to drill through… be carefull and drill slowing checking until you can easily insert the either the screw or the metal bar.

That’s all. We managed to get slick drawers into our old kitchen!

~ Andres Torrubia, Spain