When iMac goes to work

Materials: 1 LACK Wall shelf unit, 1 LACK Wall shelf, 2 CAPITA Bracket, 1 DALFRED Bar Stool

Description: First of all it’s necessary an iMac 27″!
If you are looking for a workstation comfortable and elegant, suitable for a small space, this is the solution for you.

You only need a Lack series, especially a wall shelf unit, a wall shelf and brackets.

I choose black version but there are many more..

I worked on the ground to assemble shelfs and brackets. Then I put in vertical and fix to the wall.

At last, I placed very carefully the iMac, mouse, keyboard, hd and I sat on the stool.

It’s done!

PS. Ikea garants 3kg for shelf, so I prefer to fix 2 staff under the iMac’s shelf.

~ Piritea, Italy

Jules Yap