1 1/2 Billy entertainment centre

Materials: Billy bookshelves, Besta Jagra

Description: I wanted an entertainment centre to fit our new, bigger TV, plus some much needed storage space. Shopping around only revealed that getting something the size I wanted would end up costing $3000 and up.

I have a six year old son who owns the house with his toys, so the TV room was more like his play room. I wanted to ensure that his toys stayed in the same place, but hidden.

Initially, I thought about buying a couple of Pax wardrobes and cutting half the doors to fit the TV, but the TV size did not flow with the Paxes. After browsing IKEA for a day, I settled on the Billy bookshelves and a Besta Jagra, all of these in black-brown… but I still had no storage room for the toys.

Then I stumbled across this site. It inspired me, and I got the idea to simply buy two smaller “Billys” (1/2 the size of the big ones), adding some doors to the smaller ones, not installing the backer board and shelves in the small ones, and fusing these smaller Billys to the big ones, to create the extra space.

I used some pieces of MDF painted black, and some screws to hold the thing in place and make it easy to take apart if needed and the result looks great (in my opinion, of course).

Hope you guys like it!

~ Daniel, Nemarket, Ontario, Canada