Custom computer desk

Materials: Faktum, Rationell

Description: Because I couldn’t find a computer desk that was satisfied me, I decided to build one.

The base consists of 3 Faktum kitchen cabinets with Applad doors, placed directly on the floor (on felt pads) to get the proper height. I wallpapered the sides of the cabinets to make them more interesting. I had wanted to use Nexus oak side panels and doors, but these were unavailable, and maybe wallpaper is better for my wireless reception anyway. The printer and scanner are mounted on Rationell drawers (in retrospect the scanner didn’t require a “deep” drawer).

The cabinet that houses the CPU was provided with a ventilation grille that also functions as access panel to the rear of the unit.

The desktop is an oiled oak countertop (non-IKEA). I cut a heat venting slot over the CPU cabinet, covered with a removable oak grille. Because the grille is wider than the cabinet, the slot also allows cables to run between the cabinets.

Cost was 90€ for the solid oak desktop and about 150€ for the IKEA items.

~ Eli, Belgium