Custom reed glass in Adel cabinets

Materials: Adel Birch cabinets

The hack is a very simple idea; insert a selected glass into an IKEA cabinet. we chose to insert a reed glass into a dark stained Adel birch cabinet. Any kind of glass will work for this hack.

Take a solid upper door and on the back side of the door you will need a 1/4″ route on all four sides of the FRAME to insert the glass. (if you look at the top of the door you can see the existing shelf for the wood center panel) you only route halfway into the depth of the door to expose the shelf for the glass.

We went to a glass shop and had them cut the reed glass to the size we wanted. Get enough 1/4 round for the amount of doors you are doing. We chose to stain the 1/4 round the same color as the door.
Once you have the glass and 1/4 round ready, lay the glass in the back of the door and carefully tack the 1/4 round into place on all four sides of the cabinet. Tack at an angle to get back into the wood. Try and use the thinnest finish tack you can find.

Presto you have a unique glass in a basic IKEA cabinet.

See more of the cabinet with custom glass.

~ John Webb Construction & Design, Eugene, Oregon

Jules Yap