Cute bulletin board

IKEA Tyst placemats

I wanted a very large cork bulletin board for my new workstation, but they are so ugly! Plus a large one is expensive. I bought these Tyst cork placemats which proved to be much cheaper ($10 for two 4-packs). And much cuter!

1. Paint the backside of the cork – I mixed colors to match a rug in the room. If you paint it first, you’ll get a nice, clean, unpainted edge after the shapes are cut.

2. Use a computer to draw a shape, print it out, and used it as a pattern. Draw the pattern on the front side. BEWARE: the Tyst product description says it’s 13×17 inches, but it’s really 12.5×16.5! So be sure your shape will fit on the placemat.

3. Cut the shapes using an Xacto knife. Don’t use scissors – they can leave the cork with a jagged edge.

4. Attach to the wall with adhesive tabs. Tip: If the tab won’t stick to the cork, a piece of tape on the back of the cork will give a nice smooth spot for the tab to stick to.

~ LuluRoo, Sacramento, CA