Happy Hour Hensvik

Materials: Hensvik Cabinet w/Shelf Unit and Hacksaw

Description: I came across this shelf when looking for things for the baby’s room. In the kids/babies department of Ikea was a treasure trove of undiscovered things that could be hacked for adults. What started as a potential helpful piece for storing baby stuff and changing diapers of said baby, turned into a helpful piece for storing grown-up stuff and displaying bottles of said stuff.

This Hensvik cabinet was instead used as a pseudo-mini bar. Here, with a few mods I am now able to keep all my liquor and wine in one place, instead of crowding up the kitchen. The only tools I needed to achieve this was a hacksaw, (any sawing devise should do). An original curved wooden valance on the top was cut cleanly on both ends. This can be left if desired, but I decided to remove it to help prevent the baby association.

On the larger bottom space, the extra shelving was removed to make room for a wine rack. I cut my old wine rack to fit in the bottom. Only a couple of spaces for wine were sacrificed.

I am thinking of placing stainless steel paneling on my new liquor cabinet if I find the right size and right priced parts … Happy drinking!

~ Alastar Buttons, Las Vegas, NV