How to cover a brick glass wall with SNÖVITA gift wrap rolls

Materials: SNÖVITA gift wrap rolls, aluminium rolls, double-sided tape

Description: I changed (temporary) apartment… and I had the problem to cover a brick glass wall which separates my little bedroom from another one. I didn’t want to use paints or wallpaper but something smart and low cost.

A friend gave me the idea to cover first the wall with aluminium rolls to block the light. So I unrolled aluminium along the wall, fixing it with double-sided tape.

Then, I took three SNÖVITA gift wrap rolls (5m length) and I unrolled them over aluminium, fixing in the same mode and paying attention to avoid folds.
I chose a creamy-white vertical lines pattern to lighten the bedroom.
And this is the result! Very low cost but perfect for me and my roommate!

Total Costs: 6.5€
– 3 * 1€ (was a special offer!) SNÖVITA gift wrap rolls (5m length) = 3€
– 2 * 1€ aluminium rolls = 2€
– 1 * 1.5€ double-sided tape = 1.5€

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~ Enrica, Milan (Italy)