IKEA LACK Tables become wall art

Materials: 3 LACK side tables, at least 3 yards of fabric

Description: My roommate and I were perusing IKEA and saw a nice wall art display at IKEA. The store display used actual frames of some kind. Problem was, IKEA didn’t sell those types of frames in their store (I don’t even know why they displayed those frames in the first place). They did have fabric though, so we picked out a pattern that we liked.

On the way out we saw the IKEA LACK side tables on clearance for $5 each, so we decided that it would probably be less expensive to just wrap fabric around the tables rather than trying to find actual frames at a craft store.

We used a staple gun, clamps, at least 50 staples, at least 6 small nails, and at least 3 yards of a medium density wire.

To staple the cloth to the back of the table we stretched the cloth and clamped it on opposing sides. Using the staple gun we spaced the staples in the back about an inch apart. We repeated the process for the other opposing sides. Don’t forget to cut off any excess fabric. To not have lumpy corners of fabric, cut the fabric at a 45 degree angle on the corner you’re working with. Then pound in two nails two-thirds up the way on the back. Wrap some wire between the two nails and make sure the middle of the wire can extend to the top (or about the top 1/3) of the frame, to ensure it will hang properly.

And voila, art for the wall.

~ Dave T., Santa Monica, CA