Somewhere to hang my … glass

Materials: 1 BRALLIS cloths hanger, 2 “thumbscrew” design aluminum connectors (part # ADR11-B1 Thomas & Betts ‘Blackburn’ connectors), 1 flathead hand screwdriver, 1 power screw driver, 2 metal 1/4″ dowels or headless bolts, 2 wood screws.

Description: Here’s how a clothes hanger can become a modern looking, attractive storage for glassware:

Take a BRALLIS hanger,which is constructed of metal tubing, remove the 2 black rubber nubs from the two tube ends, insert 2 metal 1/4″ dowels or headless bolts into these openings, and attach 2 “thumbscrew” design aluminum (part # ADR11-B1 Thomas & Betts ‘Blackburn’connectors) — these can be purchased in the electronics dept. at HomeDepot — to the protruding metal dowels. Tighten using an (archaic) flathead screwdriver. And, lastly, screw the connectors and entire clothes hanger assembly to the underside of an above head shelf.

You can orient to your liking the “tracks” for the wine glass bases to slide upside down. The connectors act as stand offs to provide the needed gap between the bottom of the shelf and the “tracks” of the wine glass rack. The glasses hang upside down, slide on very handily, and conveniently store above head same as is done in the Pub. Cheers!

~ Don Deutsch, Minneapolis, MN USA

Jules Yap