Southern Charm Mason Jar Chandelier

Materials: Kroken-ceiling mounted utensil rack, Hemma-black cord set, Mason Jars

We hand-crafted this chandelier comprised of twelve (12) wide mouth Mason jars lit from within by compact fluorescent bulbs. The design is a reflection of old-school Southern hospitality repositioned in a contemporary artistic framework.

We began by drilling holes into the tops of each jar. Using the largest bit we had we drove it through the center of the lid. Next we used pliers to widen the hole to accommodate for the Ikea lighting fixture.

The lighting fixture has a detachable ring which is used for holding the lighting fixture to a lamp shade (or in this case the mason jar). We screwed the lighting fixture into the hole we drilled and widened, the screwed the ring on the opposite side of the lid to hold it in place.

After we had assembled our twelve jars we began attaching them to the Ikea utensil rack. We hung the rack from our ceiling, measured the distance we wanted from the bottle to the rack, and then used zip ties to secure the bottles and cords in place. All of the cables are bundled together by using zip ties as well.

Once all of the jars were placed we began hardwiring all of the lights together. This includes stripping the wires down and using small plastic caps to connect to existing wiring in the ceiling. Once all of the wiring is done (if you’re not good with electrical stuff you may want to contact a professional to hang it), the four corner chains of the utensil rack can connect to a hook placed in the ceiling. Make sure that you purchase a hook that will hold the weight of the chandelier!

Ta-da! You have your very own mason jar chandelier!

See more of the mason jar chandelier.

~ Laura and David, Georgia


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