Triple MELODI feather shade

Materials: Melodi lamp

Description: It is quite simple hack transforming dull Melodi lamp into large and unique triple shade.

The goal was to keep it cheap. For this reason Melodi was great (cost around 4 Euro per piece. After hack it looks more $ophi$ticated 🙂

You will need:

– 3 x MELODI lamps
– about 200-250 gams of feather (I bought mine in online store with florist and wedding accesories. Cost about 8 Euro)
– bottle of transparent universal glue
– some thin steel line (length dependant on hanging height)
– few electric connectors (some to be extracted from plastic insulator)
– basic hand tools, small drill ~3mm


Hope that my drawings will help.

First drill small holes (~3mm) in tops of all shades. Now you can glue feathers to them (that is the boring part). When glue is drying you can make all electric connections. First cut all 3 ledas about 15 cm from bulb socket. remove insulation and connect all 3 to double electric connector. To its other side connect cable that goes to ceiling. Insulate the connection with tape. Ceiling cable should be long enough to stay loose when lamp is hanging. After lamp is assembled you will be able to hide cable conection between 3 shades.

Now fixing system. cut 3 pieces of steel line about 10 cm long and fix extracted cable connector on one end. Then pull them through small holes in the shades. Connect all three with another connector and pull them tight. Now main rope. Pull it through ceiling cover and make 2 loops to fix it to ceiling hook and triple shade. Remember about another connetot on yhis line to fix ceiling cover in place (it will not be stable on cable, because it has to stay loose.

Now you can put everything together, hide the electric connection inside triple shade and install the lamp. Important – it must be hanging on steel line only. Cable has to stay loose!

See more photos of the Feather lamp.

~ kedzil, Poland