Upholstered Lack coffee table

Materials: A lack table, a Vyssa Slummer kids mattress, some wheels, wood and a board from the hardware store, a little Velcro and some synthetic leather

Description: This first step is optional: I shortened the legs of the table, inserted wood in the hole that it created and screwed some wheels onto that.

I took the mattress out of its shell, cut it to the right size and put it on a board I had cut to the right size at the hardware store. With the help of a staplegun I wraped it with the synthetic leather. I used Velcro to attach this to the table.

The result: an unpholstered table that is really comfortable to put your feet on but is firm enough serve as a table (even glasses aren’t a problem)

See more of the upholstered Lack coffee table.

~ Jenn(ifer), Kiel, Germany