Flat LED lamp

Materials: EFFEKTIV door aluminium/glass No:901.094.54

* medium density fiberboard with white color on one side 40×80 cm
* LED Light chain approx. 3m, with white LED
* Hot-Glue Pistol
* small electric switch (it should fit into the frame of the door)
* two component epoxy glue

1) Cut out a hole for the switch. The lever should be on the outside, the body of the switch on the inside.

2) Fix the switch in the hole

3) Cut the cable of the light chain. About 1.5m away from the plug.

4) Fix the cable onto the switch, if you are not sure how to install the switch properly call your friendly electrician. Current is dangerous and should be handled careless.

5) Put the light chain on the fiberboard (white side) but leave a 5cm wide boarder

6) You can fix the led chain in every layout you want with your hot glue pistol.

7) Lay your door on to the fiberboard, the LEDs should take place between the the two parts.

8) Fix the door and the board with the two components glue together.

9) Drill two holes with 4mm even placed on the backside of the aluminium frame.

The holes are used to hang up the light just as a picture with frame

~ Peter Zeintl, Austria