7 euro light wonder

Materials: Melodi, art podge, Ikea napkins and fabric

Description: I wanted lighting that was custom to each room, and my budget was small, so I got some art podge when I was in Hungary and bought a few Melodi lights for our new place on sale at 5 euros a pop.

For the napkin (blue flowers) lamp I took the decorated part of 3 Ikea napkins and separated them from the rest of the layers of napkin, cut everything into rectangles, and used diluted art podge (with water) to get the napkins in the right shape and glued onto the outside of the Melodi. Then I left it hanging on the shower curtain rod to dry for 24 hours, put another coat of straight art podge over the whole thing and voila, a custom lamp that matches our Ikea bedspread.

The second lamp was done with the kids material you can find in the store because it was for my girls’ room. This was only one step, using straight art podge with the fabric and left to dry for 24 hours. The only thing you need to remember is that the light is going to shine through, so if you mind the layered look when the light is on, you will need to do a lot of cutting and puzzle piecing to get the whole lamp covered without much overlap. Enjoy!!

~ Kristin, Athens, Greece