Create a Diffuser for the FOTO Ceiling Pendant Lamp

Foto lamp (20 inch), FNISS wastepaper basket clear, SPARSAM light bulb, drill, drill bit, utility knife (be careful!)

Description: Remedy the annoying “light bulb in the eye” with a diffuser. All items are from Ikea (minus tools).

1. For the diffuser, use a FNISS plastic wastepaper basket. On the bottom, cut a hole about one and a half inch diameter in the middle. Use a drill and drill bit to remove most of the material by making multiple drill holes. Use a utility knife to finish.

2. Grab the SPARSAM light bulb, place the socket end of the bulb through the diffuser to make sure the bulb will be able to screw into the pendant’s socket.

3. Now it’s time to install! The beauty of this hack is no hardware is needed. The SPARSAM light bulb actually holds the diffuser in place.

4. Enjoy the upgrade!

Total cost as pictured is:

FOTO 20″ pendant lamp = $29.99
FNISS wastepaper basket = $1.99
SPARSAM e26 light bulb = $4.99

~ J.Trawic, Arlington, VA