Custom painted Snudda

Materials: Snudda lazy susan, acrylic paint and urethane finish

Description: My inner 1950’s mom came out and I purchased the Snudda about a year and a half ago. I wanted to paint it and do something, but needed some time to think. After being held hostage for a week in the snow I painted. I decide to draw upon the scandanavian prints that I’d seen before and create a chaotic, whimsical piece that quite possibly only a mother could love.

The Snudda required sanding to get the basic finish off and several coats of acrylic paint to get the saturation just right. After it dried I sealed it with a urethane finish since it would come in contact with liquid and kids. That was that.

See more of the hand painted Snudda.

~ Annie Page, Indiana

Jules Yap