Expedit turned into a guitar amp enclosure

DSC02284 768158
DSC02284 768158

Materials: 1 “Expedit” Shelf, 1 “Rill” pack of 4 wheels, 4 brackets

Description: Having a 50 watt guitar amp at home can be quite messy when doing the weekly clean-up. I saw at friend’s house an Expedit shelf used as base for a 2×12 guitar combo, so I thought it would be a great idea to have it with wheels so you can move it to your desire without effort (Tube guitar amps can be quite heavy) and in addition, keep my pedal case tidily.

DSC02281 778144

Here’s my hack :

– Assemble the outside square of the Expedit shelf

– Throw away the little separators and keep the big one

– Fix the squares to the desired height and put on the shelf you keep from the previous point

– Fix the four wheels with an electric screwdriver and …


DSC02283 774573

~ Joan Aparicio, Zaragoza – Spain

Jules Yap