Lack with an ironing secret

Materials: Lack shelf, antique ironing board top, ironing board cover, 2 shelves from “as is” department, 2 bookends, graduated blocks of wood, black lacquer paint, L brackets

Description: I don’t like setting up an ironing board and don’t like the pull-down models, yet didn’t have more than 10 inches clearance on the wall next to my small laundry center.

I found a Lack shelf still in plastic at the PTA thrift shop and, as it was the right size to fit in the space, decided to use it to hide an ironing board.

I found an antique wooden ironing board top made with one center board and two narrow side pieces. I pried off one of the side pieces and cut off the end to yield an ironing board top that would fit under the Lack shelf. I trimmed an ironing board cover and stapled it on the ironing board.

To make legs for the ironing board, I used L brackets to attach shelves to the bottom of the board at an angle. The shelves were from the “as is” department and originally from an unidentified Ikea item. The item is apparently graduated because the shelves’ fronts are on a slant, which though not something I planned for works well with the design. I then mounted the Lack shelf to the wall just above the top of the ironing board.

To stabilize the legs I attached wooden bookends to the back of the legs at the bottom and graduated blocks of wood to the front, all painted with black lacquer.

When I need to iron, I pull the board out from under the Lack shelf and slide it over next to the dryer. I keep my iron on top of the dryer to make the set-up all the more handy.

~ Bess, Chapel Hill, NC

Jules Yap