Potted Stranne

Materials: 23″ Huson plant pot – Stranne table lamp – Knaster decorative stones – cardboard box – packing tape

Description: (1) Cut a rectangle of cardboard and place it in the bottom of the pot to raise the height of the lamp.

(2) Put another layer of cardboard flat on top of it for the lamp to rest on.

(3) With the lamp in place, cut a circle of cardboard with a circumference that matches that of the pot just below the inside rim. Cut a square hole in the middle to match the shape of the top of the lamp, where the light stalks emerge.

(4) Bunch up light stalks and insert through through inner hole of cardboard. Tape cardboard to rim with clear packing tape. (Leave a small space to drape electrical cord over rim at back.)

(5) Spread stones around so they cover the cardboard.

(6) Plug in and turn on!

Total cost (US$): $81 (+ tax)

~ Venu Pillarisetty + Vivian van Gelder, Seattle, USA

Jules Yap