A Place for Everything

Materials: IKEA Kitchen Components: One APPLAD 36 inch wide 4 Drawer Base Cabinet – white, One 36 inch Base Cabinet Shell – white, One APPLAD Refrigerator Wall Cabinet 36 wide X 15 1/4 tall X 24 deep, One 36 inch wide shelf, Pulls as desired

Description: We utilized IKEA kitchen cabinetry to transform a standard 36 X 72 hall closet into a modern landing station/storage center. This was a very under-utilized space in our home. Being adjacent to our front door and kitchen, we felt like this was the ideal storage spot for so many “every-day items”.

First, we removed our old louvered doors from our hall closet. Working from the bottom up, we installed the 36 inch wide four drawer cabinet, then the shell of a 36 inch base cabinet (center) and then the refrigerator cabinet slid onto the top.

We use the drawers and wall cabinets for spillover storage from our kitchen. But, what we love the most is the open center section (the shell), which we use as a mail station/charging station/phone station/message center/key storage . . . the much needed alternative to the piling everything on the kitchen counter.

The cabinets and base cabinets fit pretty perfectly into our closet, (there may be some dead space behind the 24 inch deep cabinets – depending on your closet depth). We needed to add some shims in spots, but trimmed up, it looks clean and finished.

To make the mail slots, we used a standard 36 inch wide shelf and trimmed it down to half the depth, then used scrap pieces to make the vertical dividers.

The Pottery Barn Daily System pieces fit perfectly into the open central section to finish it off and provide that much desired “place for everything”.

See more of the landing place for everything.

~ Jen Pells, Bainbridge Island, WA