Antiqued Mirror Wall

Materials: Alg mirror packs, eco paint stripper, bleach, spray paint, mirror glue, small and large wood trim, paint, silver leaf

Antiqued mirrors bring in texture, light, and provide privacy from awkward window. The photo does not show the final blue silver trim attached that covers the gap, but even incomplete, it’s pretty.

1) If needed, apply frosted window film and plywood (painted white on the inside) to cover the window
2) Use paint stripper to remove paint off the back of mirrors
3) Antique by spraying mirror backs with bleach and when ready to stop the reaction immediately rinsing with water (the bathtub shower works great for this)
4) Spray paint the back of the mirror. (Gold was used, but a really daring color might be fun)
5) Measure for outer (large) trim and miter corners by making a 45 degree cut. Cut only the top and one side first. (This compensates for any discrepancies in size later.) Paint.
6) Screw bottom outer trim into wall at studs using a level to make sure it is straight
7) Nail one side of the trim using a level to make sure it is a true 90 degree angle
8) Apply mirror adhesive/mastic to wall and apply the bottom row of mirrors only, butting them up to the side
9) Use tape for extra support until the glue has set
10) Repeat each row and allow for the glue to set
11) Repeat again until done
12) Measure for top and bottom, cut, paint, and apply (only bottom needs to carry weight)
13) Measure and cut trim for inside (small) trim which will be glued on to cover any boos-boos or gaps
14) Apply silver leaf and paint to contrast with the outer trim (Photo is a “before” and you can see the gap.)
15) Glue on and tape for support while drying
16) Smile

~ Vika

Jules Yap