Blind Alternative

Materials: Gaspa sheet, Stockholm Figur curtain, wood strips, velcro, metal eyes or cup hooks, plastic rings, chord, velcro, glue gun, ribbon, chord cleat, staples and staple gun

Cost effective alternative instead of blinds for large, awkward corner windows. The shade lets in light, but cannot be seen through.

1) Measure desired area for blind to cover
2) Apply iron-on interfacing to bands of Gaspa sheets, making sure to apply to the wrong side
Note: The top band should have a little extra to wrap around the top of the wood
3) Sew bands to curtains cut so the the overall size matches your desired length and width
4) Sew velcro to top
5) Sew plastic rings in columns on sides and middle. (Refer to a pattern for roman shades for more detail)
6) Cut wood strips to the correct width and paint wall color
7) Staple velcro on top edge
8) Screw wood strips onto wall
9) Attach shade to wood with the velcro
10) Screw metal eyes or cup hooks into the wood bottom, lined up with the columns of plastic loops
11) Lace chord through plastic rings and metal eyes
12) Tie chords together at bottom and trim loose ends
13) Screw a cord cleat to the wall and use to secure the cord when the shade is raised
14) Repeat for the adjacent corner window, butting the wood up close to the first
15) Enjoy your light and privacy!

~ Vika