BRANAS stool + table + plant pot

Materials: BRANAS, birch plywood, chipboard, glue

Description: As space is obviously the biggest worry in a small flat, I was looking for a cheap flexible solution to provide storage and seating at the same time. Therefore I thought of a little, but effective addition to my BRANAS baskets. I simply used a piece of birch plywood to provide a stable cover and glued a piece of chipboard to prevent it from moving around by a tight fit.

Fortunately this combination of cover and BRANAS basket does not only provide perfectly covered storage, but can also be used as a (reasonably stable) stool or table.

Please notice that I used the old version of BRANAS for this hack. The newer, foldable one might not be as stable.

Finally, if you want to have plant pot that blends in nicely, just put some plants in BRANAS.

~ Jan, Munich