How to: Portis Cullis

Materials: Portis Shoe Rack, Hacksaw, Metal repair resin

I though shortening the Portis shoe rack was going to be a simple hacksaw job but it turned out a little more complex.

Saw the bars to length and don’t throw the offcuts just yet.

Find the four offcuts that have a nut in the end. Use a piece of scrap metal to drive the nut a little further into the bar. You can now cut off the rolled over end of the bar without damaging the nuts. Drive the nut back in the other direction and it will pop out the end of the bar. Repeat for the other 3.

Locate the 4 bars that have a nut in one end. Hammer a nut into the end of each of these. Use metal repair resin to secure. Clean out any resin that gets into the screw threads before it dries.

Assemble as per the instructions and you have successfully shortened the Portis Shoe Rack.

See more of how to shorten the Portis.

~ Andy from Workshopshed, London

Jules Yap