Saucy Cyril Secretary

Materials: Cyril secretary, large and small Sterckt handles, spray paint, spray glue, automotive vinyl, and chrome automotive trim

Description: A hacked Cyril secretary turned a wide, but short hallway into a glamorous and utilitarian workspace.

1) Paint legs
2) Measure each door and cut automotive vinyl 1/4 inch shorter and narrower
3) Apply spray adhesive to the back side of the vinyl
4) Carefully position vinyl to leave a 1/8 inch border
5) Cut the chrome automotive trim at the beginning making a 45 degree cut for a mitered corner
6) Peel the backing and attach the trim being careful the sticky back straddles the edge (1/2 of the sticky back touches the door and 1/2 touches the vinyl)
7) When you get near the corner, mark the trim and make another 45 degree cut to the inside (there room for error when you cut as you go, instead of measuring exact lengths)
8) Repeat sides of all doors to complete the trim
9) Add Streckt handles
10) Enjoy!

~ Cyril Sheperd

Jules Yap