The Gorm Sewing Table

Materials: Gorm shelf, racks, Trofast storage boxes, screws, L brackets, etc.

Description: We needed a sewing table and a place to use our laptops in the study room. Popped by Ikea and got a sudden inspiration with Gorm Shelves.

The table top would be made by joined 2 pieces of 83cm by 50 cm gorm shelves. (Have to remove the plastic at the side)

Table legs at 2 sides:
– 1. An L shaped table leg form by 2 gorm shelves.

– 2. A set of drawers using Trofast drawers and Gorm shelves as the structure.


1. Join up the L shaped table legs, fairly easy by joining the 2 gorm shelves with L brackets.

2. Fix the L shaped table leg to one side of the Gorm table top.

3. Fix up the Gorm shelves to form the structure for Trofast boxes. We had extra slides from our Trofast boxes. Quite some trial and error here.

4. Join up the drawers above to the other side of the Gorm table using L brackets.

5. Join up the 2 sides of the Gorm table top. (See pic). Further strengthen it with 2 extension Gorm post.

6. Painted the top white and there u go!

See more of their home renovation.

~ Gim and Elsie, Singapore