Ultimate Entertainment Unit

Materials: 2 Besta Shelf Units, part of Billy bookcase

Description: We have a long wall that we wanted to keep all of our entertainment stuff in (TV, Blueray, speakers, video game consoles, audio, etc.) but we also wanted to keep the whole unit low because we didn’t want to block our windows. We had searched for a long, low unit but was never able to find one quite long enough.

My ingenious husband came up with an idea to just meld 2 of the Besta shelf units together using a couple of Billy bookcase shelves as the middle joiner and tying it altogether with some leftover tigerwood flooring that we had to make a cohesive top and some bottom facing.

The result is a custom entertainment unit that fits our space perfectly and provides all our storage needs. The only sad thing is that we’ll probably have to include it when we sell our house because it fits here so perfectly.

~ Mary Wyga, Guelph

Jules Yap