Entryway Seat RAST Hack

Materials: RAST nightstand

We had used this RAST “night stand” as a shoe shelf in the old place and I thought it would be perfect. One coat of “antique chestnut” stain immediately helped the piece looked more finished and tied into the laminate flooring. The stain I bought was a two-in-one varnish so I didn’t need another coat to get the glossy look. Great time saver.

The fun part came when cutting the foam. The people at the store had a really hard time with this and did an awful job so I was a little worried when I got it home. But I took my time, used a sharp serrated bread knife and was pretty happy with the results. Go slow and cut straight down, gently sawing back and forth like you are cutting angels-food cake -no matter what you do it will be messy.

Wrap the foam in fabric overlapping about two inches on the bottom of what will be the seat cushion, and cut. Pin up both sides tight to the foam. Remember to do this inside-out so that you have a nice seam. Remove the foam and sew up the sides. I used a back-stitch but I’m sure anything done with a machine would be faster an easier. Cut away excess fabric off the seams and you should now have a an envelope for your foam cushion.

Turn the pillow cover right-side-in, making sure to poke out the corners, and stuff the foam inside. I added a button for extra snugness, but I probably wasn’t necessary. It fit perfectly on the the bench and I think it looks great in the entryway.

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~ Eve-Marie Rodrigues, Canada

Jules Yap