Expedit Lekman Hamster House

Materials: Expedit shelving unit. Traby glass door. Lekman insert box. Rotera lantern. Rationell variera shelf insert. Duktig mini coffee set.

Description: This is a home for my new pair of dwarf hamsters made from an Expedit shelving unit.

I used a Lekman insert box without attaching the front panel so that it is open. This protects the cupboard from hamster damage, is easier to clean and has handy air holes at the back.

Attach a Traby glass door to keep your creatures in.

I used a Rationell Variera shelf insert to create a second level and a Rotera lantern as a little stylish bedroom. I am using the Duktig children’s mini coffee set to hold the hamster food and the rest of the space is filled with hamster related items.

~ Jennifer Hollands, Ashbourne, UK

CAUTION!!! This Expedit cage may be TOO SMALL for a hamster to live comfortably. The Humane Society of the USA recommends minimum size of 24 inches long and 12 inches wide for an “aquarium” type of housing. Please read more info here on humane hamster housing.